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About us

WhatsurSkill is a Social Networking Platform and leading community for Artists. It is a Celebration of an Artist, a Visionary and a Believer! Beit drawing, designing, photography, singing, dancing, blogging, public speaking and thousands of other HUNAR (talent).WhatsurSkillprovides both an online and offline stage platform to unleash your PASSION. We at WhatsurSkill believe that each one of us is talented in a distinct way and if given an appropriate opportunity to showcase our skill, we can create brand for ourselves.

Our principle is Diversity, Exclusivity and Inclusiveness across the globe.

What we offer:

For Individuals

A platform to showcaseyour skills

Participate in variouscompetition for free

Opportunity to create audience and followers

Chance to associate/ work with leading brands

Get featured/ listed for freelancing and other Career avenues

Insight on your work from industry leaders: Mentorship

For Corporates:

Crowdsourcingof artwork

Marketing and Branding

ConductingEvents, Competitions and Workshops

Employee and Customer engagement

Direct and Easy access to Artists

For Institutes:

OrganisingCompetitions for Students

Conducting Events and Workshops

Reach to millions of art performers

Our Mission:

Be it visual art or performance art or anything creative, we would like to emerge as a unique stage for all. We would like to tap as much as possible, best of talent from every nook and corner of the world and provide fair chance to all irrespective of their geographical base or economical or financial stature.

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