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Attention photographers of India, it’s your time of the year again! Do your pictures tell a story? Do the moments you capture hold inexplicable meaning and depth? Have you been told you click pictures that are simply too beautiful to behold?

It’s time to bring out those aesthetic pictures you’ve been capturing away and to be appreciated for the amazing talent that you have! All this while gaining an opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful states in India with other like-minded contestants!

So get those cameras ready, zoom in and click away because back again this year in collaboration with the Tourism Board of Andhra Pradesh is an opportunity you don’t want to be missing out on- the Click India Photography Competition - Shot 3, sponsored by 123rf is back for it’s the third season this year!.

Submit your best entries now, free of charge, under a variety of themes to receive an opportunity to win a cash prize of ₹25,000 and all the subsequent fame to follow! You will also be a part of an attempt at creating a World Record!

Your entries will be reviewed and rated by the some of the most established photographers in India who shall determine your entry into the very challenging and extremely thrilling Live round.

Can you picture yourself surrounded by fields of blooming fresh chillis so bright and lush in Guntur? Do you think you have it in you to immortalise the beauty of the Grand Canyon of India? Do you want to try and momentously capture the Nallamala Hills like no one has ever before? Because you can do this and a lot, lot more in case you’re selected by the panel to be in the top ten, who shall venture all around Andhra Pradesh covering plenty of scenic areas including the Belaum Caves, Thirupathy, the 07 hills, Amarawathy and a lot more!

The Top Ten Contestants from the Online Round shall be selected to move forward in the competition into the Live round which shall be held in the state of Andhra Pradesh where the top contestants who have been selected from the online round shall be given an opportunity to explore and experience the sights of the beautiful state and capture a few moments that shall take our judges’ breath away and win you that cash prize!

Participate now, for free, before December 5th, 2017 and don’t miss out on this wonderful and extremely rare opportunity!


Rules of the Competition:

Variety in photography is highly encouraged by us and we believe your creativity should know no bounds.

For the sake of a healthy and fair competition, here are a few rules we have set for you to abide by so as to make the most out of the experience;

  General Rules:

  • Entry to the competition is absolutely free, there are no registration charges.
  • You have the liberty to submit your entries under as many of the listed themes as you’d like to.
  • You may submit as many entries as you like for the competition, there is no restriction on the number of photographs you are allowed to upload.
  • WhatsurSkill retains rights to alter/tailor the existing terms and conditions as well as add new terms at any time during the course of the competition.
  • Final participants have
  • Please note that WhatsrSkill, retains non exclusive rights to every image that’s uploaded to the website for the competition which can be used by the site for marketing and other purposes in the future without requiring additional permission.
  • All the top 10 participants have to share raw files of all the images clicked during the live round and the Andhra Tourism as well as WhatsurSkill have all the rights to use those images in any way without any permission from photographers.
  • As a participant, you need to ensure that you own exclusive rights for the photographs uploaded by you for the competition. If you are uploading these images on behalf of another person, you must have express permission from them to do so. You retain the ownership rights to the images uploaded by you.
  • WhatsrSkill does not stand responsible for any refusal or delay in the distribution of the prizes or goodies that are provided by the sponsors.
  • Top 10 participants have only to arrange for their conveyance to and fro Tirupati. 
  • At any time during the competition, WhatsrSkill has the rights to make following amendments

              - include an additional level or round to the competition or remove an existing one

              - introduce a new theme or feature

              - include a wild card entry

              - bring in features such as public demand or viewers choice

               - increase or decrease the duration of the contest

These changes can be made at the sole discretion of WhatsurSkill and no objections shall be accepted from the participants.

 Technical Conditions:

  • Please note that Click India Photography Competition is a contest for those who are using their cameras for the photography and not their smartphones. So please participate in the Competition only if you are using cameras. (And for those talented smartphone photographers, other competitions are in store for you very soon, so watch out in the future.)
  • Ensure that all the digital images that are being uploaded for the competition are in JPEG or JPG
  • The size of the images that you upload should not exceed 2 mb, note that if your entries are larger in size, they won’t get uploaded to the site and will be cited as an error.
  • We do not encourage any major editing in the images. Slight colour correction or retouching is acceptable but nothing significant.
  • While using a watermark for your images is allowed, you are not allowed to share any information other than the photographer’s name or logo as a part of the watermark.
  • Submissions that are beyond the mentioned themes will be disqualified and not considered for the competition.
  • In case of a server shut down or malfunction, the organisers shall not be held responsible for the loss of the participant’s entry or data.
  • The selected winner of the Competition must share the raw file with WhatsurSkill. Refusal or inability to do the same gives WhatsurSkill to replace the selected winner with the next best contestant.
  • In case the smooth running of the competition is affected due to reasons such as
  • Bugs or viruses affecting the computer system
  • Tampering with the system
  • Unauthorised intervention
  • Technical failures
  • Any means of fraud
  • Any other causes that corrupts or affects the security of the administration, fairness, integrity and proper conduct of the competition

Then please note that the organisers reserve the rights to disqualify any participant(s) who have been found guilty of tampering with and/or trying to terminate the competition or any part of it. Moreover as per the Information Technology Act of 2000 and all it’s amendments there of , the organisers have rights to take legal action against anyone breaching the Cyber Laws. The organisers may apply other laws from time to time and shall be entitled to remedies in the law as applicable.

 Important Dates:

  • The participants must submit their entries by the 5th of December, 2017.
  • The winners from the Online Round shall be declared on or before 20th December 2017.

Winning Criteria

The CIP Competition - Shot 3 takes part in two rounds- an online preliminary round and an offline Live Round.

The Online Round is the entry round of the competition where every participant is required to submit his or her photographs by uploading them to the website following which each of the entries will be rated by the Judges and the public shall vote for their favourite clicks. The weightage of the judges rating is 60% and that of the public voting is 40%. From the Online Round, the Top ten Entries shall be selected and the selected contestants shall move on to the second round.

The Live Round is the second and final round that shall decide the winner of the CIP Competition. The selected competitors are welcomed on a 5 day tour of Andhra Pradesh sponsored by the Tourism Board to showcase your photography talents in person along with the other participants. Based on the ratings by the judges for the photographs clicked during this round, the winner shall be selected.

Live Round

For those extremely talented top ten contestants; this is what the thrilling second round has in store for you; 05 days and 05 nights around the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh sponsored by the Tourism Board for an enriching and extremely challenging experience that you’ll never forget. Upon selection to participate in the Live round; a location will be conveyed to you in Andhra Pradesh where you shall be arriving and meeting your fellow contestants and the organisers. At the end of the competition, you shall be dropped back at this same location from where you shall head back to your respective destinations.

The following is the tentative itinerary of what’s in store for the top ten contestants: and we are certain that you would want to be a part of it!

DAY 0- 14th January 2018

You will be arriving at the said location in Tirupati and reporting by 4 pm to enjoy the warm welcome from WhatsurSkill and the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Board. This follows an evening of relaxation and getting to know one another.

DAY 1- 15th January 2018

Now the excitement begins! You shall start clicking around as early as 5:00 am as you explore Thirupathy and visit the most amazing sights the city has to offer including the extremely famous Thirupathy temple, the splendid 7 hills and enjoy some mouth-watering laddoos while you’re at it. By around 3:30 pm in the evening, you’re headed to some spectacular waterfalls to try and capture the perfect blend of water and greenery. Following this, we leave to Horsley Hills to stay the night.

DAY 2- 16th January 2018

The day begins at 5:00 am in the breathtaking Horsley hills where the photography opportunities are ample, this can be your chance to click the most amazing sunrise shot you’ve ever come across. The evening leads on to visiting the timeless Magic Pillar in Lepakshi. From there you’re headed to a peaceful night in Gandikota.

DAY 3- 17th January 2018

Here’s your chance to tour and click what’s known as the Grand Canyon of India or the Arizona of India. While you’re blown away by the sheer brilliance of nature’s finest, it only gets better. You’re then heading to the exciting speleothems in Belaum- the Belaum Caves. Following this we stay over and get serenaded by some man-made beauty at the Srisailam Dam.

DAY 4- 18th January 2018

The Srisailam dam has a story of its own being the second largest hydroelectric station in the country, so now think of all the beautiful combinations of nature and man’s brilliance that you can be momentously picturing. The day proceeds to explore the dense forests in Nallamala Hills followed by the Ethiopia Waterfalls. These timeless gifts of nature cannot be described in words, we are hoping your photos can do the trick. The night ends in Amaravati.

DAY 5- 19th January 2018

The final day of the contest is exciting as it is but there’s more in store! You get to visit the 38 metres tall Dhyana Buddha Statue and the vast chilli fields in Guntur that shall be a memory to behold. Following a few hours of rest and relaxation, the winner shall be announced by 5 pm marking the conclusion of the event. You shall be dropped back to where you were picked up from.


  • Abstract
  • Aerial
  • Artistic
  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Black and white
  • Candid
  • City light
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Landscape
  • Macro
  • Motion
  • Nature
  • Portrait
  • Product
  • Wildlife
  • Wedding and pre-wedding
  • Travel
  • Time lapse
  • Street
  • Sport

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