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A Shout out to all the designers out there!!

We are back with the second season of Snaptube Presents SWAGG, India’s Biggest Logo Design Contest. And this time it gets more interesting as we bring you India;s favorite YouTuber who make us go ROFL.

Yes!! We are talking about Aashqeen, Amit Bhadana, Awanish Singh, BakLol Video Elvish Yadav, Harsh Beniwal, Love Rudrakash, RealShit, Technical Guruji, TVF upcoming Web-series "Engineered".

Design a logo for any of these Youtubers (or even for everyone) and win Rs. 10,000 for each Youtubers and a chance to meet them, and this does not end here, all the participants will get Participation Certificate.

So what are you waiting for, Gear up and upload your design now for free…


About YouTuber Aashqeen:
There was a boy named Aashqeen, who got fed up with his engineering studies and started taking out his frustration through videos on social media. That frustration turned into his profession and today, he owns a company which is producing viral videos and is a popular name on internet. Dikshant Negi, Aashqeen’s ‘chuddy buddy’, stood by him from the day he started making videos from his I-phone till today when they have a high-end production team.

Aashqeen and Dikshant now hold a team of 15 people, who are as crazy as them and together they are thriving towards success to achieve more madness. They make sketch comedy, short videos, short movies, pranks, spoofs and similar funny stuff.

Audience: Age group between 16-40

Industry: Comedy and Drama sketches

Concept that has to be followed by the designer while designing the Logo: Aashqeen alone or his main team can be used for designing the logo

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  1. 1. The contest is open to all designers.
  2. 2. Participants can upload more than one entry
  3. 3. Participants can partciapte in more than one or in all Snaptube Presents SWAGG Logo Design contests
  4. 4. Each contest will have one winner
  5. 5. Winner(s) will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 for each contest without any commission deduction by WhatsurSkill. 
  6. 6. Winners will be announced on WhatsurSkill Facebook page within 60 days of the contest.
  7. 7. Winners shall be chosen by the YouTuber's sole discretion. If the entries are not liked by them, there will be no winner.
  8. 8. Winners can be repeated for each YouTuber's contest.
  9. 9. Winners of the competition have to share the original file of the designs.
  10. 10. Winners have to come to the location as notified by the YouTuber's and manage their own travel & accommodation.

Winning Criteria

Winners shall be chosen by the YouTuber's sole discretion. If the entries are not liked by them, there will be no winner.


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